Rwandan Sake coffee beans

Rwandan Lake Sake



Rwandan Sake coffee beans

A fabulous sweet coffee produced by the Sake woman’s washing station in eastern Rwanda which is managed solely by women.


Rwandan Sake coffee beans


Our Rwandan Sake coffee is sourced from the Sake Province in Eastern Rwanda.

Other details of origin

Altitude: 1400 – 1900 meters above sea level
Rainfall: 1500 – 1600 mm annually
Temperature: 10 – 25 range
Soil: rich soils on picturesque hillsides

Coffee variety

Arabica coffee, mainly Kent and Bourbon varieties.

Cup Quality

Our Rwandan fully washed Sake coffee is a top washed Arabica coffee. It’s cup attributes are fine
acidity, medium good body, a clean finish and some mild complex aroma, sometimes
black tea flavour.

Sake Coffee

Off to work at the woman’s only wash station in Sake, Rwanda


The Sake coffee is carefully prepared using the wet processing method.
The coffee is processed at the Sake washing station in the co-operative district.
Woman only manage the washing station.

Sake, Rwanda Coffee Map

The Washing Station

The station engages every woman in the coffee sector from Crop to Cup by transforming their lives and well-being through strong relationship at regional and international levels. Promoting socio-economic projects e.g. handicrafts, medical insurance, cows, scholarships for their children and finding them better prices for their coffee produce.

They are members of International women coffee Alliance.

Read more about the woman’s project HERE

Lake Sake in Eastern Rwanda

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