Real Deal Roasters is named after our home town, the pretty seaside resort of Deal, Kent in the far south eastern corner of the UK. We deliver freshly roasted coffee throughout Kent and beyond.

Since we started roasting in 2013 we have roasted thousands of kilograms of coffee and supplied hundreds of happy customers all over the UK.

We only roast carefully selected single origin coffee beans, some of which we also use to make a few choice blends. All our coffees are pure (no added flavours), some are fair trade (or even beyond fair trade) and some are organic.

All our coffee is roasted fresh to your order, ensuring we bring you the loveliest, freshest cup possible! Have a look at our shop for more details.

Why not come and visit Deal and whilst you are there pop down to Deal town market where you will find us every Saturday. You can buy some freshly roasted coffee or enjoy a cup sitting at our fabulous outdoors cafe The Moveable Feast Cafe  together with a cake or sausage roll from our friends at Eat and Mess

Since 2013 we have tried many different coffees, most good but some not so good, this has meant that we now have a good selection of coffees favoured by us and you.

Each coffee has its own place in our spectrum, some favour a dark roast, some give that extra kick, some are mild and creamy and others strong and mysterious. What ever you are looking for there is sure to be a coffee for you.

If you can’t decide which one to try then try them all with our taster pack available here. 

And please do get in touch if there is anything specific you would like to try, we can’t promise but we will always try our best!

And finally…..

If you ever see our little orange van delivering around Kent, give us a toot! He is always happy to stop for chat.

He is a S-cargo born out of the Nissan Pike factory in 1990, one crazy piece of motoring history but we love him.