Great Coffee at a Great Price

Real Deal Roasters offer is simple. We give you top quality, premium coffees at supermarket prices. We guarantee all our coffees are freshly roasted, and we guarantee they taste great. Order some today to taste just how gorgeous freshly-roasted coffee can really be.

We named Real Deal Roasters after our home town, the pretty seaside resort of Deal, Kent . We’re right in the far south-eastern corner of England. But even though we’re almost in France, we deliver fabulous, freshly-roasted coffee throughout Kent and the whole of the UK.

A Huge Choice of Coffees

Real Deal Roasters offer a wider range of coffees than any other coffee roaster we know. For example you can have Fair Trade (or even beyond fair trade) coffees. Or coffees certified by the Rainforest Alliance, or even delicious Organic coffee too. And if you just want the coffee taste without the caffeine kick then we also have a great decaf coffee that you’ll love.

Naturally, we roast only carefully selected, single origin coffee beans. These make great coffee on their own, but we also use them to mix up a few choice blends as well. Oh, and all our coffees are pure, with no added flavours, ever.

So you know that Real Deal Roasters have a huge range of coffees, (over 20 different beans) but did you know we roast it all fresh to your order? We do this to make sure you get the loveliest, freshest cup possible. Have a look at our shop for all our coffees and our offers.

Deal, Kent

Why not visit Deal, It’s as pretty as any seaside town in England, and is perfect for a “staycation”. Of course, whilst you are here you can pop down to Deal town market where we sell our great coffee every Saturday morning. You can enjoy a great cup, sitting at our fabulous outdoors cafe together with a cake or roll from our neighbours at Eat and Mess

Your Coffee, Your Way

Since opening in 2013 we have tested hundreds of different coffees, most good but some not so good, All this hard work of roasting and tasting (mainly) delicious coffees means that we now have a great selection of coffees available for you.

Some people like a dark roast coffee, some favour a milder brew. Some want a kick from their coffee and others prefer it sweet and creamy. Whatever you are looking for there is sure to be a coffee for you in our huge range.

If you can’t decide which one to try then try out a few different ones with our super value taster pack available here.

And please do get in touch if there is anything specific you would like to try. We will always do our best to help.

Delivery in Style

If you ever see our little orange van delivering around Kent, give us a toot! He is always happy to stop for chat.

The van is an S-cargo made by the Nissan Pike factory in 1990. It is one crazy looking piece of motoring history but we love him.