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Help Me Rwanda, Help, Help Me Rwanda…….

Real Deal Roasters Coffee blog issue 4

Now, we all love fresh coffee but sometimes we don’t realise just how important it really is. Coffee is a global industry worth around $100 billion per annum. We drink a mind-boggling 2 billion cups a day. Even more vitally, up to 10 percent of the world’s entire population depend partly or fully on it […]

Great Coffee from El Salvador

Real Deal Roasters Blog Elsalvador Coffee

19/06/2020. What a Treat – El Mural, a Gourmet Coffee Hi there, Looking for more great coffee but not sure what to try next? We have the same problem. So isn’t it great when you get some insider knowledge? When some coffee person who really knows what they are talking about lets you in on […]

Christmas Coffee

Christmas Coffee - The taste of Christmas?

I thought what would be good for Christmas sales? A Christmas coffee blend! I knew it would sell well, a great Christmas present for that hard to buy relative who loves coffee. So I set about doing some research, I Googled some recipes and even purchased a few from our competitors. Some were just darker […]