How to make the perfect cafetiere coffee

Perfect cafetiere

Enjoy great results every time. Add more or less coffee depending on strength

Total Time: 8 minutes

Boil water

KettleBoil water to make cafetiere

Pre-heat the cafetiere

Pre-heat cafetiere

Grind and weigh coffee
one heaped scoop or heaped desert spoon (20g) per cup

Weigh coffee

Empty cafetiere

Add ground coffee

(20g) per cup

Add a little “just off the boil” water to the ground coffee and mix well to form a paste

Add the rest of the measured water 200ml per cup

Stir again and infuse for 4 minutes

Infuse coffee for 4 minutes

Carefully plunge pot
and enjoy a cup of Real Deal Roasters coffee, with or without milk

Enjoy a cup of Real Deal Roasters Coffee

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