How to make the perfect cafetiere coffee

Perfect cafetiere

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Enjoy great results every time. Add more or less coffee depending on strength

  1. Boil water

    KettleBoil water to make cafetiere

  2. Pre-heat the cafetiere

    Pre-heat cafetiere

  3. Grind and weigh coffee
    one heaped scoop or heaped desert spoon (20g) per cup

    Weigh coffee

  4. Empty cafetiere

  5. Add ground coffee

    (20g) per cup

  6. Add a little “just off the boil” water to the ground coffee and mix well to form a paste

  7. Add the rest of the measured water 200ml per cup

  8. Stir again and infuse for 4 minutes

    Infuse coffee for 4 minutes

  9. Carefully plunge pot
    and enjoy a cup of Real Deal Roasters coffee, with or without milk

    Enjoy a cup of Real Deal Roasters Coffee

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