A coffee shop in your own home

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You don’t need a fancy machine to make great coffee

I first got into coffee, because I loved lattes and cappuccinos in coffee shops. Desperate to replicate these at home I bought an entry level espresso maker, complete with steam wand. It cost around £100 but gave up the ghost shortly after the year’s warranty expired.

More robust machines start at about £500 and people often ask me what is the best type to buy. A question which I pondered for a long time…..

…..”Deep thought” has pondered and the answer is simpler than you may think. I genuinely believe a coffee made with an Aeropress and topped with frothy milk, made from an electric frother produces a coffee as good as any from an expensive coffee machine. And so a coffee shop in your own home!

Bialetti milk frother
There are many great milk frothers on the market starting at £20

An Aeropress squeezes out the coffee under pressure, to produce a smooth, clean, coffee with little mess.

The AeroPress was the brainchild of inventor/engineer Alan Adler, who conducted numerous brewing experiments, measuring the results with laboratory instruments.

I once asked a customer how she made her coffee and she replied “with a kitchen towel, sieve and a jug”! Coffee is a simple natural foodstuff and does not need fancy equipment to get the best results.

A really simple way is to enjoy coffee is to make a “cold brew” which can then be strained and served cold over ice or gently heated as the basis for other coffee drinks.

A fantastic manual approach to great coffee

To make cold brew, simply infuse coursely ground coffee with cold water in a covered jug or Kilner jar and leave in the fridge for 18 hours before straining. The result is a sweeter, richer coffee than hot brewing methods. The cold brew will keep in the fridge for upto a week and can then be used like an instant

So you really don’t need expensive equipment to create great café, coffee shop style drinks in your own home. With just some simple kit and a bit of planning everyone can enjoy a great cup every day.

Happy brewing everyone

Em x

Coffee shop drinks made easy

A simple chart to making coffee, an Americano can be “short” or “long”(a long American is pictured) a short Americano has the same amount of hot water as espresso.

Types of coffee drink
A coffee shop in your own home

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